MUJI ART FAMILY was established in 1996 by I Wayan Muji, an art aficionado. For nearly 20 years the gallery has been preserving and continuing the tradition of creativity and art by collecting the works of talented artists, particularly the young Balinese.

Located in the Batuan Village, South of Ubud. Muji Art Family is built by the family of artists. The architecture is mixture of the Traditional Balinese and Modern Style, combined with a natural garden which presents the natural nuance to arise the artists’ inspiration. The indoor exhibition room is a combination of Traditional Balinese Architecture with alang-alang grass roofing.

Everyone has their own taste in art. Various styles in paintings in a range of prices and quality are available at the Muji Art Family. Our job is not only about selling arts, it is about being a hub for collaboration and creation. It is by experiencing the art that we can begin to understand how we relate to art and what the artist is trying to convey.